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Top 10 Songs

Top 10 Songs

How cool is it to belong to the top ten in any entity, whether it is in school, in the workplace, in the government, or even among your friends? Being one of the top ten simply means that you're one of the "it" people--you're one of the best, and you're definitely one of the coolest.

The Scoop On: Top 10 Songs

The same thing goes with songs. The reason why the aficionados and stockholders in the music industry periodically zero in the top 10 songs. What do they get when they rank and list all the top 10 songs? Basically, when the authorities in the music industry rank the top 10 songs, it just serves as a concession to the fact that music is indeed a popular pastime among people not just in the country but all around the world.

Here is your online guide to top 10 songs. The term "top 10 songs" may have different connotations. The various possible meanings that may be given to top 10 songs are as follows:

* The top 10 most popular songs- top 10 songs may refer to the top 10 songs in the air waves voted for by listeners and music enthusiasts. This kind of top 10 songs ranking can be secured through music radio stations and online music charts.

* The top 10 most popular songs by category- songs come in various genres. The music scene has got pop, rock, alternative, country, soul, and all others. In this regard, the top 10 songs could be the top 10 most popular songs in their own specific genres.

* The top 10 songs according to award giving bodies- there are many groups all over the world that give acclaim to those individuals and groups that gave colour, life, and definition to the music industry. There's the Grammy Awards, the Latin Grammy Awards, the World Music Awards, and the New Music Awards. Music TV programs have also come up with awards of their own, such as the MTV music awards and the Myx music awards. Add to that the many awards for culture, for every country or continent, and for every genre of music.

How Are Top 10 Songs Zeroed In?

To get the top 10 songs of the season, music aficionados employ the following practices:

* By polls- this is the most common means of zeroing in the top 10 songs of the season. Music authorities conduct surveys online or encourage music fans to phone or text their top 10 picks.

* By request- an increasing number of music authorities, on the other hand, choose to zero in the top 10 songs out of the daily song requests they receive from enthusiasts. The 10 most requested songs, of course, get to be the top 10.

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